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CSV files are quite common these days owing to the fact that CSV files are simple text and make data transfer between different systems very easy. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values, i.e. the fields are separated by comma, so there exists similar formats where the separator is a different...
Sudoku is a logic based number-placement puzzle, The objective of the puzzle is to fill a n * n grid with digits so that :- Each column of the square contains each of the numbers from 1 to n exactly once. Each row of the square contains each of the numbers from 1 to n exactly once. The...
In this tutorial we'll be making a small yet effective application rather code snippet to Lookup Any Username on Facebook. The Code Below Uses the Graph API, The Graph API (as defined by Facebook) is the core of Facebook Platform , It allows reading and Writing access to Facebook. It provides a...
Being in the era of instant updates & notifications one would at some point or the other would need to parse/format date & time, be it any language. Here, we'll see how we can parse & format date/time with Python. Python is natively equipped with the functions to make our job easier, the...
Python being one of the most popular languages, it's being used increasingly used for creating dynamic websites or for specific parts of websites, like Google's support fully runs on Python scripts. But, for this type of usage the ability to access RDBMS is indispensable, although unlike PHP,...
JSON has now become a extensively used data format, primarily used to exchange data between different systems, you may say that it is a successor of the XML format in this regard. From small to very large web applications use JSON, some still provide XML format as an option while others don't, a...
Image manipulation is an interesting subject, as well almost inevitable in today's websites, you can use it to render CAPTCHA, crop & resize images, convert between image formats and many more advanced functions. Python with it's growing popularity has encouraged the community & enterprises to...
At times it's possible to complete a batch job using parallel processing using fork instead of threads which needs much more careful planning. On the other hand fork is easy to implement, although it might not be as efficient and flexible as threads. Forking is an important part of *nix design,...
My cousin recently bought a Bomb Trap puzzle, he was crazy for solving that puzzle and tried a couple of times and often came to me for rechecking his solution, and me being lazy, I thought of making a simple python script to check his solutions and save me from the brain drain. The Code ...
Secure hashes, message digests, or simply digest as they are popularly known are specific algorithms which take data of any type and any size and return a fixed bit length data that'll always be the same for the arbitrary data provided, in case the data is modified the hash will change vastly. ...
Sun Rasterfile also known as Sunrast is an image format developed by Sun Microsystems, It uses a version of Run Length Encoding to compress images. In this tutorial we'll be discussing how Sun Rasterfile's implementation of RLE is different from the basic vanila version and how is it used to...
Motivation Some time ago, we started looking for an event dispatching framework, with support for python users, that gives our applications the possibility of interconnecting each other. The reason behind this was to design a flexible system of applications that communicate and exchange...