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This document advertises the PVS-Studio static analyzer. It describes how using PVS-Studio reduces the number of errors in code of C/C++/VC++ projects and costs on code testing, debugging and maintenance. A lot of examples of errors are cited found by the analyzer in various Open-Source projects....
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Smart Debugger of PHP Scripts Today nobody really questions benefits of using source level debuggers for any language including PHP - debugger is simply a tool, necessity in everyday programmers work. However, it is interesting to note that code validating tools are much less known and it is...
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Abstract The approach to comparison What is compared to what? Diagnosis of 64-bit errors Diagnosis of parallel errors Comparison results References Abstract
Abstract Introduction What is VivaCore What is VivaVisualCore? Implementation of VivaVisualCode User interface Conclusion Reference
Choosing and changing the model of trial mode is one of the most relevant and widely discussed tasks for many software developers. It is easy to make a model for some programs and difficult for others. And some people are haunted by the question: "Have we made everything right?" The task of...
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Abstract Introduction Preparation before usage Description of "Mark as False Alarm" function The principle of constantly using PVS-Studio in the process of project development Implementation explanations Other ways of warning filtration in PVS-Studio analyzer Possible issues Conclusion...
At first I wanted to title this post "How PVS-Studio enables cheap integration of static code analysis into the development process" but I decided not to do it because of the ambiguous interpretation of the word "cheap". So I will tell you about one engineering problem we had to solve constantly to...
PVS-Studio now has an operation mode that will help you to find errors and misprints as soon as possible. The analyzer launches right after the files have been compiled and "blushes with shame" for your code if something goes wrong. The feature is currently available only for Visual Studio 2010...