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Choosing and changing the model of trial mode is one of the most relevant and widely discussed tasks for many software developers. It is easy to make a model for some programs and difficult for others. And some people are haunted by the question: "Have we made everything right?" The task of...
E-mail spam, also known as bulk e-mail or junk e-mail is a subset of spam that involves sending nearly identical messages to numerous recipients by e-mail. Spam is increasing by the day, eating up precious bandwidth and time of your organization. MX Logic provides industry-leading email security...
About Wibiya Wibiya is a beta service offered to the users, which helps one in boosting their websites. This toolbar is an all-in-one tool which has a lot of features. Some of the services offered are search Number of online users translator Photo gallery
If you are still using outdated POS technology, it's time to get a new solution, which will increase your productivity & sales also decreasing manageabilty. One of the best POS software vendors is Canadian Retail Soltuons. Choosing the right POS solution for your business is a difficult...
In today's fast and competitive world, we all would like to study higher and getter better degrees for a better career prospect, but the problem comes in when we are professionals. Full-time courses require you to attend classes regulary, which will hamper your professional life. The most sought...
In the new era we see considerable advancement in office automation, one ascept of it being document management system. Questys Solutions provide an amazing document management software, it's software can make your office simply paperless. Many businesses have a lot of information to manage, this...
PVS-Studio now has an operation mode that will help you to find errors and misprints as soon as possible. The analyzer launches right after the files have been compiled and "blushes with shame" for your code if something goes wrong. The feature is currently available only for Visual Studio 2010...
Abstract Introduction Purpose, abilities and system requirements of PVS-Studio Installation of PVS-Studio Getting acquainted with PVS-Studio Correction of errors Working with the list of diagnostic warnings Should all the potential errors detected by the analyzer be corrected? References
Abstract Introduction Preparation before usage Description of "Mark as False Alarm" function The principle of constantly using PVS-Studio in the process of project development Implementation explanations Other ways of warning filtration in PVS-Studio analyzer Possible issues Conclusion...
SkinFeature is a custom skinning implementation library and GUI design tool available as DLL and .NET components. It allows you easily to create skins . this skin creator supports MS Visual C ++MFC(5.0, 6.0, vs2002, vs2003, vs2005, vs2008), MS Visual Basic, Delphi, Windows Forms (.NET), WTL, ATL,...
:cool: Wana thank Yohan Contractor for this review Transcend has launched a compact portable data storage device, which has a USB interface for quick transfer and a built-in digital camera. The camera's sensor supports 640x480 (VGA) resolution, making the camera 0.3 Megapixel. However,...
Viva64 is a tool designed for software developers. With this tool, you can easily convert 32-bit applications to 64-bit ones. A problem of the nearest future: release of 64-bit applications. Personal computers with 64-bit processors appeared on the market only at the beginning of 2006. Right...
10,835 Features: Port Scanning Module: The first part or the scan will check for some specific open ports, that are mostly particularaly interesting on webserver, in this demo version it'll scan for: ftp port 21; ssh port 22;
hmmm i think its good... The floppy disk has ruled the portable media segment for a long time. The floppy, in spite of having a meager 1.44 MB capacity found a large acceptance due to its highly portable nature and mainly due to the universal availability of floppy drives. With the advent of new...