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Viva64 is a tool designed for software developers. With this tool, you can easily convert 32-bit applications to 64-bit ones. A problem of the nearest future: release of 64-bit applications. Personal computers with 64-bit processors appeared on the market only at the beginning of 2006. Right...
Annotation The purpose of this article is to answer some questions related to safe port of C/C++ code on 64-bit systems. The article is written as an answer to the topic often discussed on forums and related to the use of /Wp64 key and Viva64 tool. Introduction I am a developer of a static...
Abstract Introduction What is VivaCore What is VivaVisualCore? Implementation of VivaVisualCode User interface Conclusion Reference
Abstract Introduction Purpose, abilities and system requirements of PVS-Studio Installation of PVS-Studio Getting acquainted with PVS-Studio Correction of errors Working with the list of diagnostic warnings Should all the potential errors detected by the analyzer be corrected? References
Abstract Introduction Preparation before usage Description of "Mark as False Alarm" function The principle of constantly using PVS-Studio in the process of project development Implementation explanations Other ways of warning filtration in PVS-Studio analyzer Possible issues Conclusion...
Abstract The approach to comparison What is compared to what? Diagnosis of 64-bit errors Diagnosis of parallel errors Comparison results References Abstract
PVS-Studio now has an operation mode that will help you to find errors and misprints as soon as possible. The analyzer launches right after the files have been compiled and "blushes with shame" for your code if something goes wrong. The feature is currently available only for Visual Studio 2010...
At first I wanted to title this post "How PVS-Studio enables cheap integration of static code analysis into the development process" but I decided not to do it because of the ambiguous interpretation of the word "cheap". So I will tell you about one engineering problem we had to solve constantly to...
This document advertises the PVS-Studio static analyzer. It describes how using PVS-Studio reduces the number of errors in code of C/C++/VC++ projects and costs on code testing, debugging and maintenance. A lot of examples of errors are cited found by the analyzer in various Open-Source projects....
Choosing and changing the model of trial mode is one of the most relevant and widely discussed tasks for many software developers. It is easy to make a model for some programs and difficult for others. And some people are haunted by the question: "Have we made everything right?" The task of...
About Wibiya Wibiya is a beta service offered to the users, which helps one in boosting their websites. This toolbar is an all-in-one tool which has a lot of features. Some of the services offered are search Number of online users translator Photo gallery
Introduction AlligatorSQL is a professional tool for managing and debugging all objects in a RDBMS. AlligatorSQL supports the twelve main database management systems present in the market namely, Oracle 8i, MySQL, Interbase, Birdstep RDM server, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, DB2, Ingres, Sybase, SAND/DNA...
Web Hosting Choice is a webiste where you can specify your requirements and the website searches for the best hosting sites that meet your requirements. For newbies the site has a dedicated learning area where the basic and important aspects of hosting are well explained. The intelligently...
With the world becoming more and more focussed on professional specialization of education, it's very important to chose the right place attaining professional education, so that you have the best chances of landing up in a great job. Gibbs College - Livingston, NJ is one the best educational...
QWest - a leading provider of voice, video and data services across America and the world. For more than a century, homes and businesses have relied on QWest Communications & QWest Phone for a dependable dial tone connection. QWest Phone Service is one of the best offered in the industry. In...
In today's competitive market, just launching a new webiste/products isn't good enough, you need to reach out ton people so that they come to know of your products and services, where your competitor sites are devising ways to get more traffic to theuir sites. This is where web optimization...
Every company needs to recruit new talents every now and then, the difference being the amount. A small-sized company may only recruit one person a month, whereas a large/global corporation recruits tens or more every day. The larger the number the tougher it gets to manage interviews, tracking of...
We all have burnt CD/DVDs on our personal computer to distribute among family or friends, ships everyone free copies of Ubuntu Linux, now how to they mass produce CD/DVDs, well, this is where companies like Corporate Disk Company come into play. Corporate Disk Company offers a...
In the new era we see considerable advancement in office automation, one ascept of it being document management system. Questys Solutions provide an amazing document management software, it's software can make your office simply paperless. Many businesses have a lot of information to manage, this...
In today's fast and competitive world, we all would like to study higher and getter better degrees for a better career prospect, but the problem comes in when we are professionals. Full-time courses require you to attend classes regulary, which will hamper your professional life. The most sought...