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Operating system is large, but modularity is important thus a computer system is made up of layers. The hardware is the lowest level. The kernel running at the next level uses the hardware instructions to create a set of system calls. Virtual machine creates an efficient, dynamic, secure and...
The objective of multiprogramming is to have some process running at all times, to maximize CPU utilization. The objective of time sharing is to switch the CPU among processes so frequently that it appears to the user that all programs are running concurrently. In uni-processor only one process is...
An operating system that can easily be described as the best that ever existed, BeOS was just a shot that unfortunately missed the target. Be Incorporated failed to bring this OS the glory that it deserved being forced to sell the intelectual property to Palm, as many of us probably know it. A...
Having checked ReactOS's code I managed to fulfill three of my wishes at once. Firstly, I had wanted for a long time to write an article on a common project. It's not interesting to check the source code of projects like Chromium: its quality is too high and a lot of resources are spent to maintain...
What is a Firewall? Well lets say your computer is your house. When the door is all the time open everyone can go in out as they want. A firewall is like a door with lock on. So you can lock people out from your computer if you think they shouldn't have access to it. So all the time someone...
Today while reviewing and editing articles for a website I got an .ODT file which behaved a bit strangely. If i would press 'delete' the words would get stroked instead of deleting. This was quite a bit annoying and I had no clue about that problem, Googling for about 15 mins got me nothing and the...
CONCEPT: UNIX allows you to connect processes, by letting the standard output of one process feed into the standard input of another process. That mechanism is called a pipe. Connecting simple processes in a pipeline allows you to perform complex tasks without writing complex programs. ...
Red Hat's newest hobbyist and developer version of Linux, Fedora Core 2, caused trouble for some who found they couldn't start Windows after installing the Linux upgrade side by side with it. The bug had cropped up in testing, but after Red Hat released Fedora Core 2 in May, many more users...