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Memory is central to the operation of a modern computer System. Memory consists of a large array of words or bytes each with its own address. The CPU fetches instructions from memory according to the value of the program counter. These instructions may cause additional loading from and storing to...
In the previous article- Memory Management Basics I discussed about different binding schemes. In this article I will discuss about the concepts dynamic loading, dynamic linking and shared libraries and different memory mapping schemes and protection. Dynamic Loading In our discussion so far,...
Before discussing memory allocation further, we must discuss the issue of memory mapping and protection. When the CPU scheduler selects a process for execution,the dispatcher loads the relocation and limit registers with the correct values as part of the context switch.Because every address...
An operating system can be defined as: An operating system is a program that acts as an interface or intermediary between the user of a computer and the computer hardware. An operating system exploits the hardware resources of one or more processors to provide a set of services to system users...
Have you ever wondered what the difference between a folder and a directory is? Or did you ever try to find the folder ?Control Panel? on your hard drive and wondered where it was? The answers lie in understanding a little bit about system folders. System Folders & What Happened to...
CONCEPT: UNIX allows you to connect processes, by letting the standard output of one process feed into the standard input of another process. That mechanism is called a pipe. Connecting simple processes in a pipeline allows you to perform complex tasks without writing complex programs. ...
An operating system that can easily be described as the best that ever existed, BeOS was just a shot that unfortunately missed the target. Be Incorporated failed to bring this OS the glory that it deserved being forced to sell the intelectual property to Palm, as many of us probably know it. A...
Red Hat's newest hobbyist and developer version of Linux, Fedora Core 2, caused trouble for some who found they couldn't start Windows after installing the Linux upgrade side by side with it. The bug had cropped up in testing, but after Red Hat released Fedora Core 2 in May, many more users...