Hi all,
just visit the link: http://www.ramlalbhagat.com/o-yes.html
The design of the site is like one I desinged in 10th grade for my curriculum. .
Muze HCL ne contact kyo nahi kiyaaaaaaaaaaaa???????
BTW, Ramlal says in his site that they were 12 guys working on so-called OS.
Other links on this website show you some funny ideas like adding shortcut to a folder to context menu or blablabla….
Let me guess what should have happend:
this ramlal guy has done some sort of course in VB6 and developed some basic porgs. And excited by this he and his frnds tried to develop a O-Yes, ye samazkar ki OS banana VB6 me programing itna easy hai..
Also he said that he stop working on this project 6 years b4. To HCL ke offer ka kya hua??
Guys….who r in support of this guy: Come down to earth. Its true that we Indians are doing gr8 in IT. But still how can we belive that a single person can develop an OS?? Why we are making a joke of ourseleves..?