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Hi amit,
This is Ramlal here.
I've joined this forum only to reply to this offensive post.
I'll try clearing a few things up.

Point taken. Site now has a new look n feel. Feel free to visit and comment.

I've never claimed that it did.

Funny? I'm glad to amuse you. There are plenty of others who have found the ideas pretty useful.

For the record, the "funny" apps are not coded in VB but in AHK - a windows macro language. And even it were true, is it illegal for someone who has tried making an OS to ever use VB?

I love the eloquent way you put your insightful thoughts.
I also love the way you address VB.

Again, I've claimed no such thing.

You yourself mentioned that there were 12 people with me.

You seem to be the only person who thinks so.

Bottom line : The mail that you probably got is almost all untrue. However I did start work on an OS and worked on it for 2 years. Of course I dont have any "screenshots" to show - the project never reached that stage. I'm making some efforts to revive development; however have not made any progress so far.

All I'm asking for is to keep an open mind about it, and not brand me and my work as a joke.

PS Amit: You seem to have posted the same post at a number of places. You do seem determined to "expose" me.


My very very dear
1st great to know people are trying to work on technology.
anyway i would like some things cleared about this whole thing.

i have been working with Os development for some 12 linux distros
and i clearly can guarantee you that , if you are going to make what all claim to be o-Yes it would just take about 98 years to complete provided you work 24 hour. or you may end up completing just a kernel. else you are going to need help of abt 20.

and am proud of you for clearly stating that the mail that was passed around may be a hoax and accepting that your product has not yet reached any near stage of its face they claim. ya maybe there claim for start up time would be true now as the os is empty.

but for the time being anyway i will have to bealive the whole thing a hoax
dear friends i would be happy to guide , help or discuss
anything on technology with anyone who is interested in it

for any details or help

you may contact me

** and if anyone need reasons why this whole mail thing is a hoax contact me

i am an indian
they sent this idiotic mail saying be proud to be an indian
actuly we should be ashamed for claiming this kind of hoax true

see all
take care