Can some one help a novice

I am kinda teaching myself java and got stuck trying to create a a program to translate 10 words bi-directional from english to spaniah, using two different String Arrays one consist of english words and one consist of spanish words. Can someone help this novice out?

import*;//tell Java we are using libary.
import java.util.*;//Java utility package also for Scanner class

public class transWords //Naming the program.

public static void main(String[ ]args)throws Exception
//This set-up allow for user to input using keyboard.
Scanner input= new Scanner(;

//Declaring Array String.
String[]englishTrans={"color","white","blue","green","blac k","purple",};
//Declaring Array String.
String[]spanishTrans={"en color","blanco","azul","verde","negro","purp˙reo", };