Yay, way to get sacked when people find out. Operation Planner for 3 Australia, eh? And "I work as a manager in HP for north american customers". That's going to narrow down who you are fairly accurately.

This is theft, plain and simple. Actually depriving people of actual physical products that cost actual money to make. And since you didn't buy these products this makes you a liar as well.

This has absolutely nothing to do with ETHICAL hacking (FFS, some people really need to look up the word ETHICAL in a dictionary before being allowed to post bere) and IMHO this article and thread should be deleted as it gives go4Expert a bad name.

And yes, you can get caught. What happens when someone whose PID you've nicked faces this problem for real and asks for a replacement? They contact Microsoft, who say I see you've already done this once sir, followed by no I haven't and I want my replacement oh and by the way here's my proof of purchase, followed by OK let's see who was daft enough to give us their address for sending your replacement keyboard to, followed by a quick cross reference, followed by oh look, five keyboards and counting, this person is either very unlucky or a crook. And I bet HP are a Microsoft partner and you'll be in it up to your neck, so if they don't call the cops out (who probably couldn't be arsed) they'll have a word with the HP CEO and you'll be out on your ear.

Or maybe what if they just cross reference one address against the number of failures and compare that with the average failures/address, without being prompted by a duplicate request for a broken product?

So I hope your five $100 keyboards are of some comfort when you find yourself out of a job and unable to get another one in IT. Or in the slammer.