I agree with you Shabbir. In all the years I have been doing searches on the internet, I have seen only one listing that came from DMOZ. They are sinking fast and a total waste of time.

I also have to disagree with items 3, 4, and 5.

Item 3 - Paid listings are pretty much a waste of money. The fastest way to get your site noticed by people and the SEs is to build links from high ranking, and thus often indexed, websites. Comment on good forums like this one, on blogs and articles.

Item 4 I have already commented on.

Item 5 - Reciprocal links. Years ago, I wrote an article called 'Are Reciprocal Links Dead?'. They were then and they are even deader now. Google discounts them entirely. They will do nothing to increase your PR and G only counts one from each site. These are given a PR of 0. So the effort is pretty much wasted.

If you want to get high visibility and traffic. the only worthwhile paid process is to issue a Press Release. Make sure it is interesting and informative.

The next fastest and most powerful is article writing. Search 'Article Directories' and you will get a long list of places to send your articles. Other sites come to the directories for content, so your article and link get wide distribution. You should see links start to show up within a few days to a week or two.

I have found all of these to be excellent ways for a startup site to promote itself. Good luck.