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I have tried this in both Windows Vista, and again on XP (thinking that maybe Vista had issues), and I cannot get this to read the folders. It just creates an empty 'filelist.txt' file. I have not modified this script in any way, and have tried diff. folders. Any suggestions from anyone?
Hi I am Kiru. i went through these codes. Excellent.

However, i have a situation here and i would need your help in this regard.

I have a folder and i have so many sub folders. i getting the folder names in an excel file based on the last modified date.

This excel file gets updated every hour.

so, now, i want to check the current date with the last modified date.
if yes, then i have to check for the name of the folder (which is usually employees name).

I have a data base in excel file where i have fed employees name and his email address.

if a last modified date of a folder indicates a current date, i need to shoot an email to that particular person based on the database cells.

i know it is possible to write a scirpt in excel but i am not familiar with the codes.

can you help me.