Hello, I have the following code for sending a mail with Outlook, my problem is that I need to sedn this mail 4 times a day with a diferent file, sometimes with 2 files in attach, and I am modifying this everytime with the name of the file, not much help there

I was wondering how to tell the script to look for files in a folder and attach everything it finds to the mail

Can anyone help me?

Dim objOutlk
Dim objMail
Dim strMsg
Const olMailItem = 0
Set objOutlk = createobject("Outlook.Application")
Set objMail = objOutlk.createitem(olMailItem)
objMail.To = "test@company.com"
objMail.cc = ""
objMail.subject = "Subject "
strMsg = "Hello,"
objMail.body = strMsg
Set objMail = nothing
Set objOutlk = nothing