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Modern Booting with the USB device It is frankly speaking ,Linux is the frame of the reference of the development of the Computer system technology.The scientists, also have come in the race of the evolution of the tecnology.And,hence SLAX,DSL,Flash Linux have invented.Not only that ,it is...
If you're an IT support professional who's comfortable with working at the command prompt in Windows, you might quickly find yourself lost when you first open a command line in Linux. Most of the familiar DOS commands you grew up with don't exist in Linux. So you find yourself facing the daunting...
Introduction The file /etc/fstab (it stands for "file system table") contains descriptions of filesystems that you mount often. These filesystems can then be mounted with a shorter command, such as mount /cdrom. You can also configure filesystems to mount automatically when the system boots....
There are many options for configuring storage in Linux like LVM which is acronym of Logical Volume Management and Software RAID. There are also many other various file types which help to maintain storage. Despite of so many features when there is a complete system failure, itís very difficult to...
In this tutorial of mine i am demonstrating how to Run windows programs in linux .... In my case i am using Ubuntu 10.10 with Kernel 2.6 I am using Wine] to demonstrate my article.. Wine is a program that provides the windows API for running the windows programs Ö ...
7z is a compressed archive format which has a modular structure so the user can select the compression method, encryption method, block compression, unicode file names and support for very large files. 7z has been gaining popularity, and it offers great amount of compression of files so it's...