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7z is a compressed archive format which has a modular structure so the user can select the compression method, encryption method, block compression, unicode file names and support for very large files. 7z has been gaining popularity, and it offers great amount of compression of files so it's...
There are many options for configuring storage in Linux like LVM which is acronym of Logical Volume Management and Software RAID. There are also many other various file types which help to maintain storage. Despite of so many features when there is a complete system failure, it’s very difficult to...
In this tutorial of mine i am demonstrating how to Run windows programs in linux .... In my case i am using Ubuntu 10.10 with Kernel 2.6 I am using Wine] to demonstrate my article.. Wine is a program that provides the windows API for running the windows programs … ...
If you have some experience as a Linux Admin or Even if you are using linux , at some point of time you'll face a "Linux Error while Loading libraries" it seems something like error while loading shared libraries: *.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I faced this...
LKM stands for Loadable kernel modules. This term is mainly used in context with Linux OS. LKMs are independent modules that can be loaded and unloaded to and from kernel. This provides a mechanism through which the functionality of the kernel can be enhanced on run time, without having to...
To understand the concept of makefiles, one should have basic knowledge of the compilation process. Do you know how to compile a code using gcc? For those who doesn't know, here is a quick description : Here is a code of most simple 'C' program, hello1.c: #include<stdio.h> int...