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As we have already discussed the procfile system in my previous article. Here we will learn about how to create a procfile which can be read and written to. Since, proc files act as an interface between user space and kernel space, so creating, reading and writing a proc file will not be simple...
In this tutorial of mine i am demonstrating how to Run windows programs in linux .... In my case i am using Ubuntu 10.10 with Kernel 2.6 I am using Wine] to demonstrate my article.. Wine is a program that provides the windows API for running the windows programs Ö ...
This article lists the 10 steps you should take to set up a VPN server in a Redhat distribution of Linux. I am assuming you are using a Redhat or Redhat-like distribution. Some of these packages can be grabbed via yum. However, I'm going to have you install them via RPM as you cannot get all of...
There are many options for configuring storage in Linux like LVM which is acronym of Logical Volume Management and Software RAID. There are also many other various file types which help to maintain storage. Despite of so many features when there is a complete system failure, itís very difficult to...
Proc file system is a pseuso-filesystem that contains the running state information of Linux kernel. This information is presented in the form of proc files. Every proc file represents some information about the current state of kernel. Now, since proc files represent the dynamic state of kernel so...
If you're an IT support professional who's comfortable with working at the command prompt in Windows, you might quickly find yourself lost when you first open a command line in Linux. Most of the familiar DOS commands you grew up with don't exist in Linux. So you find yourself facing the daunting...