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History of Linux In order to know the popularity of linux, we need to travel back in time. In earlier days, computers were like a big house, even like the stadiums. So there was a big problem of size and portability. Not enough, the worst thing about computers is every computer had a different...
Introduction Linux systems are often used as server computers, or at least they are connected to the internet more or less directly. On such systems, network security is particularly important, because incorrectly configured servers can provide miscreants with a way into your system to do...
Modern Booting with the USB device It is frankly speaking ,Linux is the frame of the reference of the development of the Computer system technology.The scientists, also have come in the race of the evolution of the tecnology.And,hence SLAX,DSL,Flash Linux have invented.Not only that ,it is...
Linux now become the platform of the developers.They now feeling very excited in their colorful life with Linux.Some of them are thinking Linux as their wife!They always spending with Linux.They can now explain themselves more significantly to the total developer's world with their Personal...
Strace is a Linux Utility which lists all the system calls and any signals, of any executable running on Linux Operating System. Strace generally comes along with the Linux installation. If one notices, its name "strace" has come from system-tracing i.e. tracing the system calls and signals....
'ltrace' is another Linux Utility similar to 'strace'. However, ltrace lists all the library calls being called in an executable or a running process. Its name itself comes from library-call tracing. This tool is very useful for debugging user-space applications to determine which library call is...