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Introduction Many Windows administrators are familiar with the ipconfig command line utility, which is used to get information about network interface configuration and make changes to it. Linux systems have a similar utility, ifconfig, which is a common part of the day-to-day tool belt of most...
Java is a fairly important technology to have on any operating system. Countless Web sites make use of Java or JavaScript; programs such as Zend Studio are Java applications that require the Java Runtime Environment; and many developers develop in Java. Unfortunately, most Linux distributions do...
History of Linux In order to know the popularity of linux, we need to travel back in time. In earlier days, computers were like a big house, even like the stadiums. So there was a big problem of size and portability. Not enough, the worst thing about computers is every computer had a different...
While starting kernel programming.... The first thing that happens to a user is:- He compiled a custom kernel now it doesn't works It have a tons of reasons , like because of init.d image , because of vmlinux image etc..etc... Now some how you figured the problem and now you want to compile a...
Lets try and understand the memory addressing system and segmentation in Linux . 1. Memory Addresses There are three types of addresses : Logical addresses : Logical addresses are included in the machine language instructions to specify the address of an operand or of an instruction...
If you have some experience as a Linux Admin or Even if you are using linux , at some point of time you'll face a "Linux Error while Loading libraries" it seems something like error while loading shared libraries: *.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I faced this...
well cracking the linux password is not a very difficult job when u login by root you can do that directly by #passwd <username> he will ask u to type your new unix password ,enter the new unix password. then he will ask u to retype password ,do the same u can break any unix account password...
Linux now become the platform of the developers.They now feeling very excited in their colorful life with Linux.Some of them are thinking Linux as their wife!They always spending with Linux.They can now explain themselves more significantly to the total developer's world with their Personal...
This can be achieved in three steps. 1) Issue the command : root@srv# hostname 2) Change the network configuration file /etc/sysconfig/network to include the line : HOSTNAME=new-host-name
This article lists the 10 steps you should take to set up a VPN server in a Redhat distribution of Linux. I am assuming you are using a Redhat or Redhat-like distribution. Some of these packages can be grabbed via yum. However, I'm going to have you install them via RPM as you cannot get all of...
Most Linux users would be appalled by the idea of attempting to contaminate a Linux installation with any Microsoft product, especially Internet Explorer. However, many Web sites don't render properly using regular Linux browsers, such as Firefox or Konqueror. Other sites either require ActiveX...
EditPlus is an Internet-ready 32-bit text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers. Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java,...
Introduction Linux systems are often used as server computers, or at least they are connected to the internet more or less directly. On such systems, network security is particularly important, because incorrectly configured servers can provide miscreants with a way into your system to do...
Let me share with you 8 More Reasons why you should be Using Linux Instead of Windows. 1. Free and Open Source Software Linux is free and open source software which means you can redistribute, change, modify the code or the whole system and no one is going to ask you "Why you have done...
LKM stands for Loadable kernel modules. This term is mainly used in context with Linux OS. LKMs are independent modules that can be loaded and unloaded to and from kernel. This provides a mechanism through which the functionality of the kernel can be enhanced on run time, without having to...
To understand the concept of makefiles, one should have basic knowledge of the compilation process. Do you know how to compile a code using gcc? For those who doesn't know, here is a quick description : Here is a code of most simple 'C' program, hello1.c: #include<stdio.h> int...
Proc file system is a pseuso-filesystem that contains the running state information of Linux kernel. This information is presented in the form of proc files. Every proc file represents some information about the current state of kernel. Now, since proc files represent the dynamic state of kernel so...
As we have already discussed the procfile system in my previous article. Here we will learn about how to create a procfile which can be read and written to. Since, proc files act as an interface between user space and kernel space, so creating, reading and writing a proc file will not be simple...
Strace is a Linux Utility which lists all the system calls and any signals, of any executable running on Linux Operating System. Strace generally comes along with the Linux installation. If one notices, its name "strace" has come from system-tracing i.e. tracing the system calls and signals....
'ltrace' is another Linux Utility similar to 'strace'. However, ltrace lists all the library calls being called in an executable or a running process. Its name itself comes from library-call tracing. This tool is very useful for debugging user-space applications to determine which library call is...