I have post my query from long time. nobuddy reply my query. It is request you to please give me the solution.

Dear All,

I need your help on below problems.

Hereís in my use two computers one is in my home use and second in my office use. On both computers I found some problems. Hereís I am mentioning the problem of my Computers

At home use: I am using windows me on my home computer. And I have Avg antivirus on my computer. The folder option not display on my control panel and tool menu and I found the folder.exe file on my computer and I delete this file with my pc but it comes again. Please advise and If you have any tips to improve the speed of my pc please advise.

At Office Use: I am using windows 2000 on my office computer and I have Norton antivirus on my computer. When my PC boot completely an error comes on my window screen RHVOST.EXE and another problem is that I canít load my Ms Office Excel file directly. First I run the Office Excel and then browse the required file. Please advise.

I hope you will entertain my quires. Thanks in advance.


Ali hasnain