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Introduction The 'main()' method in Java is referred to the thread that is running, whenever a Java program runs. It calls the main thread because it is the first thread that starts running when a program begins. Other threads can be spawned from this main thread. The main thread must be the...
Spring Framework Features Spring is a layered Java/J2EE application framework, based on code published in Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development by Rod Johnson (Wrox, 2002). Spring includes: - The most complete lightweight container, providing centralized, automated configuration...
There are four types of JSP tags, which are important and often required. 1. Directives These types of tags are used primarily to import packages. Altenatively you can also use these tags to define error handling pages and for session information of JSP page. <%@page language="java" %> ...
JSTL is a collection of tags similar to HTML that lets you produce dynamic web pages without needing to learn Java. Why JSTL? JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology makes it easy to embed bits of Java code (or scriptlets) in HTML documents. This solution, however, may not be suitable for all HTML...
Comparing Strings To compare strings function equals() is used. String str1 = "XYZ"; String str2 = "xyz"; boolean result = str1.equals(str2); boolean result2 = str1.equalsIgnoreCase(str2);Output
1. How can you store a copy of an object at the same time other threads may be changing the object's properties? Choice 1 Override writeObject() in ObjectOutputStream to make it synchronized. Choice 2 Clone the object in a block synchronized on the object and serialize the clone. Choice 3...
An initialization block is a block of code between braces that is executed before the object of the class is created. As the execution of the initialization block is dependent on the creation of the object we can easily make a guess that it has two types of object. 1. Non static initialization...
JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) is an API (Application Programming Interface) which is used to connect java to any database. It is used to communicate with various types of databases such as Oracle, MS Access, My SQL and SQL Server. It is a platform-independent interface between Java and...
1,450 package provides classes for system input and output through data streams, serialization and the file system. Some of important and popular classes of package are given below: Class Class Class...
Java.lang package contains the classes that are fundamental to the design of the Java programming language. Java.lang.Character Class Java.lang.Float Class Java.lang.Integer Class Java.lang.Character Class The java.lang.Character class wraps a value of the primitive type char in an...
Java.util package contains the collections framework, legacy collection classes, event model, date and time facilities, and miscellaneous utility classes. Java.util.ArrayList Class Java.util.Calendar Class Java.util.HashMap Class Java.util.ArrayList Class The java.util.ArrayList class...
A specific instant in time is represented with millisecond precision by the Date class. Date is interpreted as year, month, day, hour, minute, and second values using this class. But API for functions of this class was not so flexible and hence was not supported at international level. Also for JDK...
How do I instantiate a bean whose constructor accepts parameters using the useBean tag? Replacing Characters in a String? Searching a String? Connecting to a Database and Strings Handling? What is a transient variable?
I often hear people asking on how to put an image on Java applications, thus here is an example of a painted panel that has an image in the same directory as the application *note* you cant use windows bmp with Java, but once you start creating your own images it's a good time to note that their...
This is a basic digital clock in Java that works off your operating system time, it works in a multithreaded environment and have coded it to put my own background in. import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.util.*; class Clock extends JFrame implements Runnable { ...
Java, has become now undoubtedly the fuel of the development of the Software System Technology.Developers, now thus take the challenge to prove the feelings of Java as the best positive catalyst of their development life's reactions.They feel the Class, as the ultimate classic sense of the...
JNode, a "Java New OS Design Effort" is an open source all java operating system. It is a modern OS with support for modern hardware devices intended to be simple to use, install & maintain on personal devices such as desktops, tablet pcs and handhelds. JNode has started out many years ago as...
The String class is used to manipulate character strings that cannot be changed. In simple terms, objects of type String are read only and immutable. The StringBuffer class is used to represent characters that can be modified. The significant performance difference between these two classes is that...
In Java, networking is performed using Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) or the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Java provides a low-level control on the connection, allowing you to customize it according to your requirements. The package containing networking classes, called...
Introduction Java can be used to create two types of programs: applications and applets. An application is a program that runs on a computer, under the operating system of that Computer just like the one created using C or C++. An applet is an application that is accessed on the...