There is lot more issues when it comes to Fees as well and I would point couple of them.

1. Cross Border fees (Merchants are slapped with an additional 1% commission on every transaction) which is nowhere mentioned and can be found easily.

You can NOT see it here:
or here:
or in the FAQ:
and its not part of the PDF datasheet either.

You can only see this if you click the link for International Sales which is not the place where you go and find fees.

2. Merchant fees are not auto reduced.

If you make sale of 3k in a month you are eligible for a fee reduction and for millions of customers and users of a site you expect this to be automated but no could Paypal possibly determine your monthly sales and adjust the rate.

Again the process is a hell lot difficult and also does not apply if you miss it for a month and would like to get a refund from them.