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hi pradeep

i dont quite get what u mean by this sentence, when u replied to my first time

".....where the router uses the ISP's gateway to connect to the internet"

what do u mean by 'gateway'?

u have said that its not possible for them to hack into my laptop system , but what if that person had my wireless IP ADDRESS? could they do anything like send me a virus or spyware or whatever onto my laptop and through that way gain my personal details?
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hi pradeep

i dont quite understand what u mean by this sentence: "..where the router uses the ISP's gateway to connect to the internet" that was what u replied with in ur reply to my first question. What do u mean by 'gateway' and what do u mean by private ip, if ive hacked someone's network i have got my own individual IP address and not theres? I mean im not sharing theres i.e. the person's connection i've hacked?

I know u said that a person cannot hack into my laptop system, but with wireless and a person knowing my wireless IP ADDRESSS can they use that to send me malicious spyware programs or anything that can download on my laptop which by that way can give them access to my personal details?

Sorry Im not really good with computer terminology if u wouldnt mind explaining this and clarifying this situation and concern i have for my personal details.

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oh i forgot to ask

what is a 'sysop' i heard chatrooms have them. and i also know they can read people's conversations that take place in the chatroom itself, is that the only thing they can see? what else can these sysops see? do they see a chatroom users IP addresss? name?

thanks for any advice i get
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If you are not visiting a secure site then its is quite possible that someone eavesdrop on the data transfered between your computer and the internet! If you have a good firewall, and a good antivirus, you have a little risk of being getting hacked.
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ok thats a fair point

but can a hacker knowing ur IP address, that is from an unsecure connection, do anything to hack u? I mean with just the IP address?
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heey Needy !!

why do you seem to be so worried on your system being hacked ?

if you do a hacking and get someone's (i call him 'owner' here) network connection .. it's obvious that the owner has your ip address and bandwidth information on the router.

needless to say owner has full access to your system if he is an advanced computer user. so if you think you are safe, you might be mistaken !!

So STOP using freebies network from others and get your own stuff installed. .... Got it !!
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well it depends with just ur ip depends on how smart the person is. and yes it is possible but the lack of knowledge within hackers can be greater or less so it depends again on the hacker

u seem to be very worried about someone hacking ur pc lol
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Yes we can know the geographic location by using the ipaddress but it sometimes stops for those who are behind proxy so check that using google

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Very nice information. IP address does not reveal the exact information of the location. It shows only the location of the ISP or some other location closeby your place. There are certain legal rules to be followed if you require the exact location. This site where i check my ip address details shows the location of my ISP only.
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Is is true that a normal approach will be a dead end leading to the ISP because they are assigned block of IP addresses and you have no way of knowing who gets each address.

But if you trace the connection, trying to get a response from all hops, you might get lucky because some of the active devices, namely routers and gateways, along the way are sometimes named with geographically clear names.

But even so, that will just diminish the radius of the search area. Theoretically, only your ISP should know exactly where you are.