I coonect to the Internet on my Laptop - by hacking / picking up on someone's Linksys connection. A few things I wanted to ask, firstly when I enter a chatroom I don't have my real Ip address displayed on the chatroom screen as it usually is, instead there is another Ip address which strates from 192.168..etc. I did a quick 'find my ip address' search online and was presented by a completely different Ip address. Why is that the case, I mean why does the chatroom screen not display my 'real' ip address? Does this mean when I go into chatrooms, the adminstrators only see this 192.168.... Ip address as opposed to my 'real' one?

Secondly, by a hacker knowing my IP address can he find out my personal details or hack me without my acknowledgement? Note: I am not using my own connection router, I have gained connection to an unsecured connection I have picked up from my home.

And if they can hack into my IP address, well it isn't my IP address is it? So they can't gain my personal details can they?

Please someone clear this up for me.

I am aware that a person can pick up on the linksys connection I have already picked up from someone else, but they can only do that if they are near me right? Like in the same neighbourhood as me etc? right?

All suggestions welcome