I read one of the posts about ip addresses by pradeep and how no one can find out ur personal details from having your ip address..

I wanted to ask 2 questions. I recently joined a forum of which the owner adminsitor did not like me at all for personal reasons. Having registered on the forum can that person attain my Ip address? I have now left that forum can that person still find my ip address?

More importantly, can this person who is so advanced and knows his way around the computer and software etc etc - this person is very knowledgable.

With this in mind can this person or anyone who may be so so advance find out my true identity and personal details such as my house address, my name, etc? Is it possible for them to find out? As i am so worried about this

And can special software or anything help this person or anyone else find my personal details such as my house address?

thank you