Alok, now I think you are not very much unknown to web technology.

PHP( which is upgrade of perl)
First PHP and perl are nowhere related

JSP can be considered as an easy way to use Java on web.

Now if you say
but with all due respect,no buddy want to use it when same functionality is provided by more powerful and easy scripting lanaguge like ASP ,PHP( which is upgrade of perl) and JSP.

so now the question comes why there are 3 scripting languages and not one say APJ(ASP,PHP,JSP). All can provide same functionality and to be honest all cannot have the same ranks if we define them with no1, no2, no3.

Now if its on development and you are critising perl then this means that perl is famous and not obsolete.
Windows is attacked by virus but not linux. What does it mean that non windows lovers want to give trouble to win guys but they think to keep linux clean but microsoft can develop virused for linux if they want but knows that Linux is nowhere near win and so doesnot need it.

Alok if this hurts please dont mind.

Shabbir Bhimani