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nice.very good
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urgent neeed of program infix to postfix convertion and evaluation using postfix in java using stacks........
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gOod day sir....im new here and i was hOping if i could have an
answer to my question..im actually a cOmputer engineering student...
a sophomore but yet still having probs when it comes to programming...

in this program u made sir...is it possible not to use any brackets?
if yes how will the program code go now...
if not why should i or how am suppose to discuss why should every user
needs to put brackets...

was hoping not to put any brackets but still the output would be exact and accurate..

thanks sir...and Godspeed...

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the problum with postfix solver is not been cured???
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Hello guys please help me, I want the code of the program "evaluation post fix expression" by the language of C + + Example:
5 3 9 * 6 1 - / + Vicu the final product is equal to 10
Please help I need to code tonight Thanks for all the
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Hello there, i think there's something wrong with the code..
i entered the infix expression


the output of your code in postfix expression is this:

ABC*DE^F/G*-H*+ <- is this really correct?..

think there's a problem with the '^' and '/'..
im confused now..
which operator should be executed first?..

ABC*DEF^/G*-H*+ <- isn't it supposed to be like this?..

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^ is not supported in the above code.
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could anyone can post the infix to prefix program using stacks in c++,and this should read the values from Resource File for ex:"values.txt"(the values shold be like
a 3
b 2
c 1
d 5
e 4
f 7
file and then after getting the postfix expression immediately it should display the total value of the infix/postfix expression...please can anyone help me...im not getting this program...its very very urgent...
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Originally Posted by shabbir View Post
The program is really nice & as it has been written in C language , it would be easier to understand to all
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Hi! I found this article really helpful and I'd like to extend my thanks to you. However, I was wondering if I would like to input numbers more than 9 (i.e 10, 23, 15), how could I possibly accomplish that? I would really be grateful on your response.