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If you need website traffic then follow the steps.
Forums posting
Blog commenting
Social bookmarking
Social media
Web directory
These are main tips to get traffic fast.
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valuable information.
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definitely these tips can improve traffic and keywords ranking too....
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Thanks for sharing the information .It is really nice
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Well I would like to add one more important aspect of an article which would make the reader satisfied after he finishes reading the article.

In each article we should try to provide some sort of solution to a specific problem and before it we can explain the causes behind that problem. A reader should feel that he has learned something by reading that article.
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I have spent a bit of time going through your views, more than I should have but I must say, many Thanks for your nice guideline. You have provided very helpful information.
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Am totally agreed with you...really which will be revealed by the experience persons...i.e secrets of success. Nice valuable post shared with us...