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Thank you for sharing, this post: also address the important points on how to rank well on Google in 2011 and beyond.

Beside backlinks, Social Networking (Facebook likes, twitter tweets) and branding are the next ranking algorithms.
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Forum posting, comment posting and social book marking is the good way to improve your search engine ranking.
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thanks for sharing a information on-pages.
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How can we remove our friends list from Facebook completely...??? meet again.
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thanks for sharing this nice info keep on going.
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By my own personal experience of promoting website on major search engine classified ads and press release submission also helps in increasing the ranking of keywords other than the above mentioned excercise.
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Improving Your Search Engine Ranking:

Google seems to give weight to the title of your page. By title, I mean the text that is sandwiched between the HTML <TITLE> tags in the <HEAD> section of your web page. If you use a Web editor that automatically inserts a title like "New Page", remember to change it to some meaningful text with your keywords inside to reap the benefit of this feature.

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The above discussed article is excellent.According to me choosing appropriate keyword helps a lot in improving search engine ranking.Keywords are the base.
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"I think blog commenting and forum posting are another good ways of increasing the ranking of the website"

Yes both are good ways of increasing the ranking of the website, once your comments/post will approved and cache it will work as strong backlinks of your site.
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I am very happy to read your post