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Meta Tags are lame SEO, you will really get your site removed, down0sized by Google.
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Well... came at the right time … I have been trying to work on my website ranking for the last few months and yes I got some views ideas from your post. Thanks for the help.
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Some very useful advices, thank you!
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Thanks for the useful information, how many keywords can we use to on-page optimization?
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If you want to improve your Search Engine Ranking you must use vbulletin .We should not need to hack vBulletin to search engine optimise it, we should only have to work on the onpage words, but yes, php mods and template changes are needed for search engine optimizations of vBulletin forum of Country wise like Iran, India, Uk, USA anyother.
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I think Forum posting, Blog commenting, blog submission also help improve a ranking of site.
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All guys given very well answering for this question.

well done, keep it up.

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thanx for the tip
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Originally Posted by seangtz View Post
Thanks for the useful information, how many keywords can we use to on-page optimization?
It is recommended that you keep the keyword density limited to 5-7%. All the keywords should be properly placed on the page and the content should look natural for better results.
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1) Quality Fresh content in the website and regular updates.
2) Quality Backlinks with different IP.