Getting listed higher on search engines is not easy. Getting a high listing without Meta Tags is impossible.
Thats totally not true.
HTML Code:
<meta name="REVISIT-AFTER" content="14 days">
Should always be avoided as you are not inviting them after 14 days but restricting them for 14 days.
HTML Code:
<meta name="OWNER" content="Put your email address here.">
<meta name="AUTHOR" content="Put your name or company name here.">
<meta http-equiv="EXPIRES" content="">
<meta http-equiv="CONTENT-LANGUAGE" content="En">
<meta name="RATING" content="General">
<meta name="ROBOTS" content="index,follow">
They are totally not needed and you will not have any problems ranking your site.
The 2 most important Meta Tags are keywords and description, these are the ones you should spend the most time and research effort on.
Not more than 5 minutes. Thats it. Spending hours on them will not give you any benefit. Instead use the time in getting content and links.
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