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Originally Posted by shabbir View Post
Rajiv, Its long time but good to see you again here. I havent gone through the code but I assume it would be something you have always been (great).
hi can u plz post the C code of huffman decoder....
I worked with ur huffman encoder pgm ... The coding technique is fantastic and working fine....
plz i ll be waiting ....
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Great rai,

Your Code was very nice, good for ya.
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Do you know of how to change your implementation from reading from stdin to reading from a file rather? I'm attempting to use your code to read in a file and compress the text in the file. Could you give me any pointers as to how this should be done?
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Actually i figured out the solution to my last question. But now I'm wondering if you've written a decoding function for the huffman algorithm. I've had no luck so far and am pretty lost. Any help you could give me would be extremely appreciated!

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excuse me, after compress, can this program decompress it? if not, can you show me the algorithm to decompress it. ^^
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It is nice . I like it.....