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Very nice by using these operators Google defines the quality of the search able terms.
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In my knowledge one more operator which is google search operator
Google Search to find what they need because Google is quite powerful and amazingly accurate. However, not many people know Advanced Search Operators with which Google can be used in different ways to drill down even deeper towards finding information.
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Thanks Shabbir to share important searching operators here. I am familiar with some operators but google operator link helped me to know more about other operators.
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Very helpful resource . Thank you, shabbir.
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My pleasure.
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Really you share d the secret of Google operator..thanks many to share the good things...!!! meet again.
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If we need to crawl our site by Google in Daily what can we do...??? meet agian.
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Thanks many to share the Google facts for short terms...!!! meet again.
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Many internet users are not aware about these operators in Google search that's why their searches are not more refined.The more strong you'll be in using Google operators the more easy it'll be for you to get data.

For SEO persons it's very essential to know about operators like allintitle:, allinurl:, link: & site: etc.
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Thanks for sharing useful information...........