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Thanks for valuable tutorial.
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Originally Posted by skp819 View Post
Thanks for sharing it.
Do you know any site for online tutorial of game programming.
Hey, I heard about iPhone Game Programming – Tutorial, it helps to cover basics of taking an OpenGL ES Application template available in Xcode and making the changes necessary so that we can use it for writing out game.
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Dear XXxxImmortalxxXX,

I can't download your full source code and game

I hope u will help me to download this game.
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Hello' This Mr devid. i am new here. Well this is my website. please feedback my website. Thanks.
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Nice tutorial sir.
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Good looking tutorial, btw. game programming this way is pain in *** If you want to programm some efficient game, you should use some preprogrammed libraries and functions
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and this is what i waited for
at last something solid basic for beginning