Yes you must send me a valid game back to me with the updated code files in the section to where you updated the code at the following

//what did you do and how did you change it
// if it is correct do you want the FPS CREATOR sent to you via mail or do you want a serial key and you just download the program at the site and enter in the serial key when you boot up the game

also the glitch is when you start up the game the pong instantly shoots to the top right hand corner slow its speed down and make it to where it goes <------- and ---------> instead of oblique

also thankyou very much for the compliment
By the way very nice article
i really appreciate that alot.

More Tutorials coming soon on game programing next article will be related to

Visual Basic RPG programing in 2-D one of the best ways to start off with rpg programing is in a 2-d based way

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