when i echo it, it didn't show anything,
echo $response;then i thought, maybe its an array so i put this code:
echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";it worked, i got these results on my browser: OUTPUT:
object(stdClass)#6 (9) {
string(20) "2007-07-18T04:50:52Z"
string(7) "Success"
string(13) "28c01821ba2c2"
string(8) "2.400000"
string(6) "1.0006"
object(stdClass)#7 (2) {
string(5) "40.00"
string(3) "USD"
string(1) "X"
string(1) "M"
string(17) "14E028078XJ827961UX"
ok, i didn't want to show this to my users, instead, i wanted to show only the TransactionID part so i put this code instead:
echo $response['TransactionID'][17];
that's when i got this error:
Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in C:windows-htdocs-cart.php on line 535
ok, so how do you fix this error,i looked it up on google and found some post and forums where it say to upgrade my php or change the softwar or that i have a bad script. well, i finally figured out. it turns out that $response is actually an object. i have no idea what are objects in PHP but i came across an article about ojects and i found out that if you want to display it or show it with echo or print, you actually have to use the a different format. so in my example above, if i wanted to show the value TransactionID, this is how i would do it:

echo $response->TransactionID;