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URL-shortening services, offered by and and becomes a popular target of attacks. After reading the article you will probably not automatically click on the shortened URL! Originally the process of shortening URLs was developed to prevent damage to the URL in the e-mail...
5,611 uses Paypal as one of the payment methods for $1 Daily competition and Monthly Article competition. This is not because it's one of the safest method of payment but we use it because of its Global Acceptance and ease of use. I have been scammed for $xx in Paypal and despite the seller...
Viruses (Multi-page thread 1 2)
I have decided to write an article just to cover the types of viruses and what they all do, in short. There are 8 types of viruses: Polymorphic Virus Stealth Virus Retrovirus Multipartite Virus Armored Virus Companion Virus Phage Virus
Well I wrote the article about viruses and said that I will write this article about the types of attacks and how to protect yourself against these attacks. There are alot of different attacks but I'm going to cover only these: Eavesdropping Snooping Interception Modification Attacks...
I hope you have read the previous article I wrote on the different types of attacks you get as a whole and liked it. This article will cover the most common TCP and UDP attacks. I will therefore cover the following TCP attacks: TCP SYN or TCP ACK Flood Attack TCP Sequence Number Attack TCP/IP...
Introduction The basic purpose of a firewall is to isolate one network from another. Firewalls are becoming available as appliances, meaning they are installed in to the network between two networks. Appliances are free standing objects that operate in a largely self contained manner, requiring...
Authentication proves that a user or system is actually who they say they are. This is one of the most critical parts of a security system. It's part of a process that is also reffered to as identification and authentication (I&A). The identification process start when a user ID or logon name is...
What is linux and why should we use it? Linux is a fast growing operating system, and it is inexpensive and flexible. Linux is also a major player in the small and mid-sized server field, and itís an increasingly viable platform for workstation and desktop use as well. By understanding Linux,...
I wrote this because it really worked for me a few times and I hope it does for you too, all you need is very a gullible target. As we all know, a Trojan is very likely to be picked up by AV, what you need is Netcat, netcat opens a port on a computer for access (If used correctly by a batch file...
Introduction Have you ever wondered how everyone creates trainers for games that allow you to get infinite ammo, health, weapons, money, and whatever else the game supports? What they do is find the memory addresses of that feature and put it into the program. Iím going to show you how to get...
This is an easy way to get Administrator privileges on a restricted network. This is ideal for a school or work setting. DISCLAIMER: This is only on the computer that you do the procedure on, not the whole network. So you ask, Why is way? Well it is virtually undetectable to the tech guys. Since...
How to change the administrator password First you will want to download a software named WINTERNALS as an iso image at, once you done that burn it to a cd with an iso burner software. Once thats done you will turn the computer that you want to change the password off and...
Some common places background applications initiate are: autoexec.bat and config.sys in the root directory C:\ load= and run= in Win.ini in the C:\Windows folder section of System.ini also in C:\Windows section of System.ini, look for lines with an .exe and path at the bottom of...
This is a password hack but it clears the BIOS such that the next time you start the PC, the CMOS does not ask for any password. Now if you are able to bring the DOS prompt up, then you will be able to change the BIOS setting to the default. To clear the CMOS do the following: Get DOS prompt and...
everyone has a right to stay safe. Here are few things you can do to reduce the chance of getting hacked or getting a virus. Tip 1: Don't open e-mail attachments This is a must. You must NEVER open any e-mail attachments unless you are 100% sure that it is legit and is from someone you know....
WHAT IS WI-FI? Wi-Fi is the name given to manís quest for wireless networking. Even though wireless communications were possible in the past also, thanks to GSM, CDMA, Infrared, Bluetooth etc, the paltry data rates provided by these standards were hardly enough to sustain networks. Wi-Fi...
Warning and disclaimer: *********************** This article is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this article or the information presented within it. In this article, I will detail the...
Warning and disclaimer: *********************** This article is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this article or the information presented within it. After researching for the last...
It can't be said better than this:"We are the undesirables of society." Now that we have that out of the way I can continue to explain. 'Hacking' is not a modern game, it is a human instict to test the rules that bind our world together. The basic driving instinct to see how things work and make...
A week or so back i had an e-mail from a friend (FLW) asking me if i had any info on google search tips he was surprised on the amount of info available and open via google...this got me thinking , well i have seen many various search strings in several i thought i would put them all...