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Viruses (Multi-page thread 1 2)
I have decided to write an article just to cover the types of viruses and what they all do, in short. There are 8 types of viruses: Polymorphic Virus Stealth Virus Retrovirus Multipartite Virus Armored Virus Companion Virus Phage Virus
History of Email Email is by far and away the most popular application on the internet. Just about everyone uses email, and generally people use it all of the time. It all began in 1968 with a company called Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN). This firm was hired by the United States Defense...
Hi all ! Who so ever has used Vista must be annoyed of some dialogs asking for permissions whenever installing/un-installing softwares or deleting some files from windows drive. Here are the 2 solutions for you to avoid such problems: 1. Disable UAC(User Account Control) 2. Use Administrator...
This t-filepaper or whatever you want to call it (I'll refer to this phile as a T-file)will help you grasp and understand the concepts of "root kits". I will not bore you with the 'history' of root kits, I will just go straight into it, in an easy to follow manner. This t-file was written for the...
Hacker and Expert In one of my articles I explained that, "there is a difference between a hacker (not an expert) and an information security (is expert)". Simply in this section I am trying to explain you the difference between an expert and a hacker in detail. Always remember my phrase that,...
Introduction In this tutorial i will describe how sql injection works and how to use it to get some useful information. First of all: What is SQL injection? It's one of the most common vulnerability in web applications today. It allows attacker to execute database query in url and gain...
Cross Site Scripting also known as XSS is a popular type of Client Site Attack, It is a type of attack which occurs in Web-Applications and allows an attacker to inject desired client-side scripts into Web-Pages viewed by others. Types of XSS This attack is mainly of 2 types Non-Persistent...
How does Portscanning works? That is not a question asked wery often, but still it is important to know if you want to really understand what's happening when you launch a portscan. In this document i will explain how to stealth scan and how it works. The first thing you must know...
Introduction These days Social Networks are not just way to find your friends & stay connected. Now days they've become an important tool of marketing for all the people who main blogs, websites, forum etc. If you are a user who has been on Social Networks since a long time, I am sure you'd say...
A denial of service (DoS) attack is an incident in which a user or organization is deprived of the services of a resource they would normally expect to have. In a distributed denial-of-service, large numbers of compromised systems (sometimes called a botnet) attack a single target. Although a...
NOTICE THIS XSS/XSRF VULNERABILITY WAS FOUND BY ME. @ admin (shabbir) Please don't ban me for this. Because I have not used this hack for any illegal / harmful purposes. (You can check all records). I have just tested an exploited and found it positive. Please fix it soon. I write this...
TuT created by: Hacked by chrootstrap September 2003 A very elemental intrusion technique is bruteforce password guessing with a wordlist. This is very easy to do and I'd like to specifically explain how to crack simple,...
Back Connect Shell also known as Reverse Shell is a Piece of Code which is used to Host a Shell on the Server or the Victim, But instead of sitting there and listening for connections (As in the Case of Bind Shell) it rather Connects Back to the Attacker Machine. I already explained the...
Summary of previous parts In Part-I, and Part -II we saw Reflector can very accurately de-compile .NET apps and we also studies some basics of packing and obfuscation. We saw that Reflector cannot directly de-obfuscate obfuscated assemblies, so we need external tools to de-obfuscate .NET...
Local File Inclusion Local File Inclusion ( LFI ) is a method of including files on a server through a Modified Special HTTP request. This vulnerability can be exploited using a Web Browser and thus can be very easy to exploit. The vulnerability occurs when a user supplied data without...
Disclaimer: I’ve written this article for educational purpose only! Introduction While using a duplicate or a cracked copy of operating systems or some application softwares, some time we get a message from the software vendor that “You Are Using A Duplicate Copy of XXXX Software!” and...
Bind Shell as the name suggests is a piece of code , which is used to host a shell on a server or a victim machine ! Its basically used to control the host machine remotely! In this tutorial we'll be making a Bind Shell in PHP with a authentication feature for extra protection. The Code ...
Originally article author - boonlia I was about to present my presentation on Trojan signature alteration. Here I am posting the same. What is the signature: Signatures are nothing but a part of the Trojan that an anti virus company uses to track it. It can be any part from the entire file....
Many new users are concerned about the low level of system resources available to them. Much of the problem can be due to the number of programs which are loaded and run when the system starts up. In an effort to clarify what these programs are and whether they are necessary the following list...
Here I will explain in few words how this can be done:P First we download some tunnelier (i use bitwise tunnelier). In this picture can be seen some options .. Host/Port/username/password 1. Host = the host where you want to...