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This is a password hack but it clears the BIOS such that the next time you start the PC, the CMOS does not ask for any password. Now if you are able to bring the DOS prompt up, then you will be able to change the BIOS setting to the default. To clear the CMOS do the following: Get DOS prompt and...
Introduction: We see a millions of people going to different forums and websites and asking "how do i hack an email?", "Can you hack blah for me?". So thought to create a tutorial which will give you the basic idea about what the heck is a "HACK", and how to DEFEND YOUR SELF AGAINST HACKERS. ...
Hi Guys ! I am posting this article for those who use pirated softwares. Because this is the time to stop using pirated softwares. You can't even imagine what your loss can be if you are using your PC for professional purposes. Usually we download softwares from various forums/boards which...
Writing a Trojan is a lot easier than most people think. All it really involves is two simple applications both with fewer than 100 lines of code. The first application is the client or the program that one user knows about. The second is the server or the actual “trojan” part. I will now go...
Hey guys, yeah this is my first posting here. These are just some simple little things i like to use to cause no end of frustration to my school administrators....yea im mainly a white hat tho Background Basically these are just some simple cmd.exe commands that normal people don't know...
Hot Note: This article is posted by Kalpesh Sharma for Public Interest and National Interest, so that every concerned person can be aware and alert. Directly, coming to point I am in touch with you for a matter which is the first part of the protest against Ankit Fadia. I am writing on this...
Introduction Hey guys, haven't posted on here for a while, been honing my skills :D . And I 've got a new thing for all u guys to have fun with, its very easy and fun to do. Before we start coding ill explain what a fork bomb actually is. A fork bomb or rabbit virus opens an application...
This is an easy way to get Administrator privileges on a restricted network. This is ideal for a school or work setting. DISCLAIMER: This is only on the computer that you do the procedure on, not the whole network. So you ask, Why is way? Well it is virtually undetectable to the tech guys. Since...
Introduction This lesson introduces you to the world of ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is a form of legal hacking that is done with the permission of an organization to help increase its security. This lesson discusses many of the business aspects of penetration (pen) testing. Information...
Introduction I thought it was about time for someone to post a cookie stealing tutorial, so I decided to write one for you from the ground up. NOTE: Again... this was written to educate you on the security aspects of the following information, not to teach you how to break the law or do...
Introduction Welcome to the new generation of Search Engines. In this article, I wouldn't concentrate much about search engines. This article borned because of my office needs. In my office, I wasn't able to access all the sites. only few sites were accessible including some "tech support...
Introduction This article will basically introduce you to the funniest yet useful bug in Microsoft systems. Do at your own risk as neither Go4Expert nor the author of the article are responsible for anything legal related to it Background I work as a manager in HP for north american...
DIS CLAMMIER: The following information given to u is just for education purposes. Anything that you download is not my fault and damage of such to your PC is not my fault viewing the rest of this topic you hereby accept that you have read theses rules and that you if your PC gets damage in anyway...
Dear lamer/other's in this article i will show you some DOS command's to make a basic virus. ####################################### DISCLAIMER ####################################### If you get in trouble doing this just blame me because i don't really care. ;)...
Disclaimer: This post is only for education purpose. Introduction Hacking web application was always curious for the script kiddies. And hacking free web email account is every geek first attempt. The method which I will describe in this post is not new; the same method can be applied to...
Introduction This is my first article here. I hope it would be useful to everyone. Please not that this article is ONLY for educational purposes and in no way I encourage illegal cracking of applications. Now as this is the first part, I would start with something very basic. Let's start with...
I wrote this because it really worked for me a few times and I hope it does for you too, all you need is very a gullible target. As we all know, a Trojan is very likely to be picked up by AV, what you need is Netcat, netcat opens a port on a computer for access (If used correctly by a batch file...
What is a Virus? Have you ever ask your self that question befor? well here i am going to show you the basic of what a virus really is. A virus is a piece of code so will try to do wierd actions on your computer. Copy itselfs to diffrent places on the computer is the most commont action it will...
Today I am writing about a new topic on Techotoys - Cookie Stealing. I observed that cookie stealing is neglected by some fellow hackers (even I was one of them). But, recently, I discovered that cookie stealing can be pretty handy to hack anEmail account. In the following article, I have covered...
Introduction Hey guys haven't posted in a while I have been doing a lot of school work, and there some retarded chick in my class that annoys that crap out me. Background Um I have been working on this for a while and a finally got to virus rating from MacAffe. yay XDXDXDXD The code