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I am new to all this. how much does ethical hacking tyically cost if you were to contract someone....also how long would it take to complete?
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Question 1:
In 2000, Mafiaboy launched an attack that knocked out eBay and Yahoo! for several hours. This attack targeted which of the following?



Question 2:
How many components are in a security evaluation?

D:Three(Stuck on this one, possible to inform me also which ones the components in a security evauluation are please. Many thanks.)

Question 3:
Hacker attacks, unauthorized access, and viruses and malware can all be described as what?



Question 4:
What is the main federal statute that addresses computer hacking under U.S. Federal Law? Choose one answer.

B:Section 1029


Question 5
Which of the following addresses the secrecy and privacy of information?

D: Confidentiality

Question 6:
This type of security test might seek to target the CEO?s laptop or the organization's backup tapes to extract critical information, usernames, and passwords. Choose one answer.

C:Stolen equipment


Question 7:
Which of the following best describes an attack that altered the contents of two critical files?



Question 8:
Which of the following is the most important step for the ethical hacker to perform during the preassessment?

C:Obtain written permission to hack.


Question 9:
This type of security test typically takes on an adversarial role and looks to see what an outsider can access and control.

B:Penetration test


Question 10:
Which of the following is one primary difference between a malicious hacker and an ethical hacker?

D:Ethical hackers obtain permission before bringing down servers or stealing credit card

Question 11:
Who are the individuals who perform legal security tests while sometimes performing questionable activities?

D:Grayhat hackers

Question 12:

Which individuals believe that hacking and defacing websites can promote social change?

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