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Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Today, greater than 95% of all computer storage devices such as disk drives, disk arrays and RAID systems are directly attached to a client computer through various adapters with standardized software protocols such as SCSI, Fibre Channel and others. This type of...
Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) is yet another amazing product from Amazon, which provides a reliable, easy & highly scalable hosted queue service for storing messages, which can be accessed by any computer on any network. This provides a way to simply move around messages between computers or...
Memcached is a free & open-source, robust, fast & distributed memory object caching system. Memcached was originally developed by Brad Fitzpatrick for LiveJournal in 2003. Since then it has gone a long way and today top websites like Youtube, Facebook & Twitter use memcached. Memcached works on...
The article extends the Cryptography concepts to explain the Symmetric Key encryption. Additionally, it throws light on the capabilities of Symmetric key encryption and its operational modes. Symmetric-Key encryption Symmetric key cryptography is encrypting or decrypting message using a...
Have you ever wondered why e-mail attachments are encoded? Well read ahead tro find the answer to this. Internet e-mail and Usenet news posts were designed for plain text messages. As such, many systems expect the messages to only contain printable characters from the 7-bit (first bit of the...
Q: What are the seven layers of the OSI model? A: The layers are physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, and application layers. Q: In the TCP client-servel model, how does the three-way handshake work in opening connection? A: The client first sends a...
Cryptography is "Art of writing or hiding secret". It is a science of protecting the information from theft or unauthorized access. To do so, important or confidential information is hided as or converted to some other form of gibberish data. Now original information can be recovered only by the...
I have tried introducing people to Git VCS, both personally and through by articles at G4E, I have written 2 articles, Introduction to Git VCS & Git VCS - Cloning & Workflow, in this article Get A List Of Files Modified Between Two Commits At times working on a feature or an enhancement of an...