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There are a lot of internet marketing techniques available out there.
Email marketing is just one of them.
Don't say that it can't help.
It will or wont help you, really depends on how you implement it.
So email marketing will definitely help you in your internet marketing campaign.
Shabbir is just trying to point it out as an internet marketing tool.
Nice points btw.
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Deliverability is probably the most important issue in todayís email marketing business. There are many spam emails and many legitimate emails are flagged as spam so they are not delivered. They are not getting thru ISP spam filters. Good deliverability ratio is the first step in successful email campaign because if your emails arenít delivered then you donít even have an email campaign!
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Nice article. Today email marketing is a very popular subject at internet community.
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Email marketing is truly the way of the future. So donít hesitate and get out there and use what you have learned about email marketing to start bringing in the money and give yourself a little peace of mind.
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Many now hate getting promotional emails. People consider them as spam.
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Originally Posted by technica View Post
Many now hate getting promotional emails. People consider them as spam.
No. People even opt for the content. See and if you make things clear as to what you can expect and what not that is not spam.
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very nice info. thanks.
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Originally Posted by DeepSeas View Post
getting the address is the hardest party, it's usually a piece of cake from there
Can somebody here post how to get email address...

Thanks you for posting this shabbir!!!
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Email marketing helps you keep customers and prospects coming back—by using attractive, professional-looking email communications to stay in regular touch with them and build strong customer relationships. It's better and more effective than regular email.
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The best is aweber... they are simply great. Its merely $20 a month, you can conceive unlimited email lists, you can initiate unlimited auto responders, and set everything on auto and its click of a button easy.