The debate about the ethical or unethical nature of Black hat seo techniques shall continue till someone looks they are about to cry. But, search engines are catching up on sneaky black hats and remodeling algorithm to keep them away.

Hiding text in your tags and coding can prove quite beneficial but only for a while. Most search engines can now judge whether the number of keywords are in proportion to the content on the page.Hidden text by using light text on a light background, nowadays, also fails to do the trick. Google can now parse text as it crawls to detect whether the text is the same color as the background. If so, it gives the page a much lower ranking than otherwise. Hidden text if detected as spam makes a search engine very, very angry.

On an average, leading search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo, 60-65% is the allowed keyword prominence. Which means you can stuff about 60-65% RELEVANT keywords into your META tags and content. But using Cameron Diaz's pictures as a keyword over a 100 times when your website is selling auto spare parts is a definite no-no. Keyword stuffing is recognized quite easily as spam by search engines, as they measure the proportion of keywords to the content of the page. Excessive use of Keyword stuffing in the tags or other search engine welcome mats would most likely trip a spam filter. Keywords stuffed into the visible content on your page cause users to switch from the webpage faster than you can say Oh!. If users cannot make head or tail of your web page content they will not convert, if they don't convert you don't make any money, if you don't make any money then your poor and your stuck with a no good website.