Follow-up isn't just about selling; it's about building relationships that can ultimately lead to increased sales. Here's some important follow-up advice to keep in mind:

* Do what you can. Don't take an all-or-nothing approach to following up. Doing something is better than nothing, so follow-up as frequently and as best as you can.

* Don't ever ask yes-or-no questions. Ask who, what, when, how many, etc. to get prospects talking. Before you pick up the phone to make that follow-up call, write down three open-ended questions to ask prospects. If you start your call with an open-ended question, you'll be amazed at how easily the rest of the conversation flows.

* Make sure the right person follows up. The person making the follow-up call should be the person who has worked with that company. Also keep in mind that there are certain calls that are more appropriate coming from inside customer service, an outside salesperson or the boss.

* Space out your phone calls. Don't slot a long, uninterrupted time to make calls because your approach can become dull. Instead, place a call here and there to keep things fresh.