You probably needs to get hands on the MFC before going into some more complicated problems. I am trying to explain some of them but if you cannot get them try getting the a book on basics of MFC as the steps I explained in the article are pretty simple

1. I never told that the zipped files will compile correctly. It just that you add it to your existing project and that should enhance the ability of your picture box.

2. OWNER_DRAW will be a check box type of property which all the controls have and the property is relating to how the control will be drawn. You will handle it or should windows do the job for you.

3. Regarding creating a variable you should use the class Wizard for the picture box and if you cannot use the class wizard either you should use a seperate thread here or use some IDE help.

4. Regarding the files generated I would say you go to the basics first and get some good hands on MFC before going into some good looking samples.