you said

"Change the Type of the picture box to OWNER_DRAW.
Add a variable to the picture box. By default it will be CStatic. I call it picPreview"

In picture box property- type have option such as frame,icon,bitmap etc "OWNER_DRAW means what? is picpreview is variable of picturebox?

I cannot create variable for picturebox, there is no object on member variable in class wizard.

I have another doubt why two cpp and h file is created when creating new workspace.
example my project name is BitmapPicture, source file have BitmapPicture.cpp and BitmapPictureDlg.cpp. header file contain BitmapPicture.h and BitmapPictureDlg.h.

plz tell which code i have to follow, code which display under "Display Bitmap in a Picture Box using MFC from a file" or Picture zip file.