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thanks 4 the comment man.
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Nomination for article of the month for December 2008 Started.
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easy and usefull trick
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useful and nice information
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Awesome DuDe!!!
its amazing bcoz i always see this type of problem[:0] !!!
[] !!!
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thanks very much!!!
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Hi thanks for the tutorial, it's great work

I am no expert at handeling these situations, but i am having hard time trying to delete or uninstall these problems. I like your tutorial here, but not too sure what to do with this: SMSS.EXE (since i know this is a system process im not gona delete it). I have researched on this process and seem to find false results of trojans, worms and spyware or ad-ware... The first thing im worried about is iv installed xp on my laptop, while using nlite - iv intergrated drivers etc... I also remmember mouse movements, changes of keys etc when i had vista, but when i burned the iso of xp and drivers to a READ WRITE cd, i am worried that somthing might of either binded itself to a file or might have goten tricked to do something. On xp i looked inside my xp disc, and found a SMSS.EXE file - like i said before, i found bad results on it. Another problem is, that sometimes when im doing my work, my laptop keeps shutting down without me putting a timer or doing ANYTHING AT ALL. I look at my programs and see programs such as power iso, ms office or even system files, being changed to a icon: such as the cmd, or (Please im being serious here)
a icon with a bluish bunny, a nueclear sign, A white papper backround with a lip on it, faces, icons with "?" etc...

if anybody could please direct me to a good way of getting rid of this or reversing the trick, so that i could take back whatever that person has deleted or damaged of mine or pay him back by not doing anything nasty but do anything that would make him think he has done wrong. But PLEASE at least help me get rid of it.
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this way maybe not useful alone, cuz these files will return again, so u should do the same way on the folder
cuz it have the main virus who generates that hidden files on "c:\"
after that u`ll never see it again

i hope it was usefull 4 all
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It is not correct to all. If u goto c: drive, it contains system files are SHR type. So u couldnt remove that files. If u remove that files ur OS had been corrupt.

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del all file types like *.dll *.exe *.com *.inf with attrib SHR
first in folder c:\windows\system32 then in c: drive