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Thanks many to share the web page optimizations..meet again.

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smush it tool from yahoo is also a good tool to decrease the loading time of an image.

Gpaphic design is one of the main factor concerned in web page loading. Your first step is reducing your image file size and try to convert it into .png file.

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first find the reason of you page delayed..then optimize the site..you can get it..!!! meet again.
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This can follow the site speed optimizations...??? meet again.
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Page weight is an important factor and many website owner ignore this thing. Now days, search engine like Google, gives lot of priority to those website how's loading time is less. While developing one should keep C2C factor in mind quite clearly, say maintain more than 18% C2C ration. Try use less JavaScript's, Flash File, Sound File, Images...
Maintain content quality.... it helps a lot to get high SERP...!
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these are great info, I will definitely implement some of these steps into my site. thanks
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I am using WP plugin "W3 Total Cache" for my site. But this still seems to be too slow for me. Can you guys point out how to make it fast and how to identify time consuming areas for my site.

Though the title appears almost immediatly in the browser when I press enter for it's URL but after that the whole home page takes time to appear.

My site for your reference is this, expertsguide.info
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I do not see it to be slow.
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But in webmaster i see this,

"On average, pages in your site take 4.5 seconds to load (updated on Aug 31, 2010). This is slower than 70% of sites."

And there's chart which shows fastness is showing dowload time to be <1.5 seconds to be fast