Google’s obsession with speed is not showing any sign of ebbing down any time soon. On the contrary, Google has redoubled its effort to make website load twice as fast. Google has finally unveiled free software that is supposed to make website load faster than ever. This software application is named as “mod_pagespeed” that can easily be configured or installed on Apache Web servers. After being installed, mod_pagespeed will automatically determine the ways in which the loading performance of a website can be enhanced.

This new tool is going to instruct you whether you need to compress the size of the images or not. Besides that, it can help you to make some small changes in the settings so that the browsers would not have to load the same data time and again, while viewing other pages of the same website. So, it is quite clear that by incorporating this new tool, you can reduce the loading time of your website significantly. Product managers are likely to get updates automatically whenever Google introduces anything new. If you have installed it already, you would continue reap the benefits of the changes that Google will introduce later on.