Normalization is a process or removing the data redendacy to identify a value uniquely in a table.
The process of implementing or rules to be followed to implement in a normlization is called normal rules or normal forms. there are 5 types.

1NF: A table can be said to be 1NF by identifying the non-key attibute is dependt up on no-key attirbute and identify the colum or attibute which produces more than one value.

Q: How to eliminate the values in an attribute having moe than one?
Ans: RDBMS provieds resources called cell values by the cell values we can eliminate an attirute containing more than one value. cell values are represented by ...line.
when we eliminate the full functional dependancy then we can sya that table is in 1NF.

2NF: A table can set to be in 2NF, if the tab le is already satify the 1NF and eliminating partial functional depency.

3NF: A Table can be said to be 3 NF if the table already satisfy 2NF and eliminate transitive depency.

4NF: A table can be said to be 4NF if the table is already said to be satisfy the 3NF

5NF: A table can said to be 5NF if it is already satify the 4NF and it has to satisfy the degree of reationship.
1. 1:1
2. 1:M or M:1
3. M: M

I think by reading all these u can easily understand the Normal forms