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Introduction Here is the code for a threaded binary tree. The basic difference between a binary tree and the threaded binary tree is that in the binary trees the nodes are null if there is no child associated with it and so there is no way to traverse back. But in a threaded binary...
Making a Phone Book application in C++ is interesting; because it lets you learn the language practically. Making sample applications in any programming language is an interesting job. And this is perhaps the best approach to learning any programming language. As a programmer, your goal is to...
All possible combinations of a string 1. Finds all possible cominations of a given string. The total number of combinations with recurrences is the factorial of the string length. 2. Have given the word 'post' as an example since if I included a cin >> word; then a user may unconscientiously...
Introduction Here is a code in which i have created for the string class. This article tells how we can implement the functions of a string through making it a class. //Header Files # include "classfile.h"
Definition : Class which Can't be inherited by other class, that class is called final class. You all knows that final class is inbuilt in java. But in C++ you have to create final class.Two types of Final class, you can create . One who want to create object of final class on Heap and other who...
Originally written by Zeeshan Amjad Assumption: 32-bit Machine. Here I am going to explain How Virtual table, Virtual pointer for Virtual functions are internally working. First we have understand memory layout. Example 1: How the class's memory layout class Test
This is very simple if you think in a simple manner. A magic square is represented in a matrix form. May be all of you know this formula to satisfy magic square rule i.e. for size of matrix n*n sum of each row or column or diagonal should be n/2. means for n=3 , sum(row or column or diag)...
This is just for a kind of information. Here I am going to explain how to make a class so that user can create object of it on free List( heap memory) or Stack. Example 1: Object should be created Only On Heap memory.Idea is that make constructor as private so that no one create on stack....
Background Normally most of software Engineer uses singleton design pattern in daily coding life. It's very simple , vast uses but still i saw in many softwares which is not handled proper in C++ based products/projects. One thing more you can'nt design singleton as perfectly behaved singleton....
If two process are there and one shared memory is there. One wants to write the data and another wants to read the data to the shared memory. I have written a program in which if process1 is writing to shared memory another will wait and vise varsa. To undersand these programs one should have...
I will explain how to create a directory in linux using a c++ program. The program to create a directory is as follows: #include<iostream.h> #include<sys/stat.h> #include<sys/types.h> using namespace std; main()
Introduction This article discusses about the Two Dimensional To Three Dimensional conversion and vice versa in c++ The following program converts two dimensional array to three dimensional array using TwoDimToThree() and converts three dimensional array to two dimensional array ussing...
Printing the date from starting date to ending date The program takes the starting date and ending date as inputs and prints the dates in between them.This program is useful if u r dealing with dates. The code I have used four date functions i.e date1() , date2() , date3() , date4(). When...
Another method for printing the date from starting to ending This method is useful if u r dealing with dates.If u want to do some operation using the date and then fetch another date and do vice versa it is useful. #include<iostream> #include<malloc.h> using namespace std; int ...
Releasing memory allocated in heap has been always been a concern for programming languages like C and C++. Memory leak is a side effect of using dynamic memory allocation in C++. This is because C++ compiler does not support automatically release memory allocated in heap when they are no more...
To understand usage of auto and decltype keyword you need to know the existing type deduction facility available in C++98, because auto and decltype are C++11/C++14 extension to the existing feature of the compiler to deduce type from another expression. In case you are not aware of existing type...
C++ always has been creating fast programs, still there were loop holes which could substantially slow down C++ programs until C++11. This was due to temporary object creation and expensive object copies. C++11 added a new reference type called 'rvalue reference' and a new concept of moving object...
We know that C++11 added the feature of rvalue reference. Here assumption is that the reader is already familiar with rvalue and lvalue and their references. As we know that we declare rvalue reference with double ampersand like: int&& var1 = 10; // var1 is an rvalue reference variable means it...
In C++ we already know different uses of the ellipsis operator (…) in different context. It is used for functions with variable number of argument, variadic macros and in catch block in exception handling. Let us look into these existing meaning of ellipsis operator (…) in different context and...
C is not a strong type based language but C++ has been trying to become a stronger type based language. Classes and structures are example of strong types whereas the implicit conversion between different types is an example of weak type system. For example, in the following decelerations implicit...